The healthiest poultry meat

The healthiest poultry meat

Scientists have found that duck and chicken are the most useful of the most common types of meat.

In addition to fatty acids, duck contains a large amount of various vitamins and minerals: vitamins A, E, K, all vitamins of group B. And although it is unrealistic to get their daily intake only with meat, together with other products, duck is quite capable of providing us with many substances necessary for life.

Duck meat is rich in protein. It is not as easily absorbed by the body as, for example, egg, but it is a richer source of essential amino acids. It is also important that duck contains twice as much vitamin A as any other type of meat. This vitamin helps to improve skin condition and sharpen vision.

Chicken meat is considered dietary for a reason. Protein from it is absorbed much easier than pork or beef, and there is little fat. It is important to choose a good meat factory. For example, poultry farming in Romania produces quality chicken meat that does not contain harmful substances and has an amazing taste.

Chicken meat is rich in B vitamins. Vitamin B6 supports the immune system in case of colds, and vitamin B5 is involved in metabolism. Chicken broth helps to relieve colds, warming up the body, saturating with vitamins and activating the immune system. And low-melting fat is easily absorbed by a weakened body.

The combination of a large amount of B12 and iron is also important. They are essential for the synthesis of red blood cells and help to avoid anemia. Chicken legs are especially rich in iron. Chicken also contains copper, chromium, phosphorus and selenium. Some scientists believe that selenium is essential for the synthesis of thyroid hormones. In addition, selenium reduces the risk of thyroid cancer.

Image by ViktoriyaPavlova from Pixabay

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