How to gain weight and muscle

How to gain weight and muscle

It’s what most every skinny buddy dreams about. It improves self esteem, and helps one to maintain optimum health and condition, but how to gain weight and muscle?

Many underweight persons find it difficult to gain weight. It could be due to genetic factors that are affecting their body configuration. But, even so, weight training and nutrition can enable bodies to be modified to a certain extent.

If you believe that hitting the gym several times a week is the key to gaining weight, you should also know about the equally important, if not more so, role played by nutrition.

If you want to put on more weight and muscle, you’ll have to eat a lot of food and perform a lot of training exercise.
You’ll also need to do these with consistency.

Depending on your base physique, you’ll probably need at least three big, really major, meals a day plus snacks. The thing to remember is to eat more than you normally consume. Empty a larger glass of milk or juice, switch to a bigger bowl of cereal, a larger serving of fruit. Go for that luscious dessert after the meal, plenty of it. Choose food that provides plenty of calories. Lots of fuilds from juices and beverages will be very beneficial; you know that, of course.

That’s for the weight gaining part. To gain muscle mass, you’ll need to put in some hard work exercising and training your body to transform all that food into bulk.

For starters, go for exercises meant to add muscle mass and strength to your arms and legs. The fundamental exercises for achieving it can include push-ups, as well as lifting or pulling weights to jumpstart muscle growth.

The good thing is that, regular exercise will heighten your appetites, which, of course, will help you put on more weight rather than lose it. Stay with healthy, low-fat body-building food such as meats and fish, whole grains and beans, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. The goal is to put on weight in a healthy way.
As this business of gaining weight requires a bit of hard work, and dedication, the following tips may help:

1. Have frequent big meals and snacks in-between, every day.

2. Take big servings.

3. Choose food that have higher calories.

4. Consume high-quality proteins from eggs, meat, fish and vegetables, milk and dairy products and fruits

5. The keyword in all this is balanced diet, so eat the right quantities and proportions of protein, carbohydrates and supplementary vitamins and mineral.

6. Perform weight or resistance training, to convert those extra calories into muscle. The basic free-weight exercises like squats and dead lifts, including pull ups, bar dips and presses and barbell movements, are the tried and tested reliables.

7. Always be consistent. For skinny people, the road to gaining weight and muscle can take a few months. Just focus tightly on your weight gain strategy and commit firmly to it.

Genetics may have given you a skinny body, but it has been proven in the past that an effective diet and proper physical training can help solve the problem of how to gain weight and muscle.

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