Step by Step Guide to Child Health and Nutrition

Step by Step Guide to Child Health and Nutrition

If you have children of any age, it is important to learn nutrition facts for proper child health and nutrition so you know what you should be feeding them, and what they should avoid.

Understanding the Food Pyramid.

Proper child health and nutrition begins with understanding the food pyramid. If you do not understand the food pyramid you will not be able to recognize how to provide them with the nutrition that they need to strive.

The food guide pyramid was designed by the US Dept of Agriculture to promote healthy nutrition in children over six years of age. The food pyramid has five groups of food which make up a well balanced diet.

Your child needs to eat foods from all of the pyramid groups for proper child health and nutrition. The food pyramid recommends reasonable serving sizes, not as much food as you can cram down at once. For example, when the pyramid recommends 2-4 servings of meat, but this is for the entire day not per meal.

While you may have your meat all at once it is best to spread it over the course of your day.

It is also important that your children get adequate exercise in addition to proper child health and nutrition. When you realize how many children are overweight, it is crucial they all get their exercise every single day.

If you want to make sure your children receive proper child health and nutrition you should limit their time sitting on the computer and get them outside doing something active. Anything you can get them to participate in is excellent for their health, even if it is just outside playing around with friends.

You can speak to a child nutritionist if you would like more information on this and some helpful tips and advice. Nutritionists are trained in child nutrition and will be able to answer your questions and hand out valuable information.

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