Why Dieting, Without Exercise, Still Leaves You Fat

Why Dieting, Without Exercise, Still Leaves You Fat

It is inaccurate to call a diet a fat burning diet. Fat loss will not occur from dieting. Fat loss only occurs from exercise.

You must exercise, if you want to lose fat from your body. And, you will need to research the right fat burning exercise regimen for you, because not all exercise routines burn fat. Fitness Gurus speak about fat burning diets. That is correct. A good way to describe a fat burning diet is to think of it as an eating program that enables your body to efficiently burn fat, when you exercise. You need to follow a fat burning diet, in conjunction with your exercise, or you will burn fat more slowly or perhaps not at all. Diets have helped people to lose weight. No doubt about it – people lose weight on diets. However weight loss and fat loss are not the same thing. If you dont exercise, while dieting, you will not lose fat from your body. Weight loss can result from dieting, but not fat loss. How do you gain weight? It is easy to understand how you put on weight and fat. Consume more calories than you use, and you will add fat and weight to your body. You will get fatter when you consume more calories than you use, because your body stores the extra calories as fat. You will add 1 pound of fat to your body, when you have accumulated 3,500 more calories eaten than used. From this, you would expect to take off 1 pound of fat from your body for every 3,500 calories more that you use, beyond what you consume. Sadly, fat loss does not work in that way. Fat loss does not occur, if the only thing you do is reduce your caloric intake below the level of calories used. Weight loss will occur, if you do that. The weight that you lose will be from reduced muscle mass and reduced water in the body. You will not have lost fat. What is the result of dieting without exercising? You will be misled by your scales. They will tell you how well you are doing, because you have lost weight. Your mirror is a better indicator of how you are doing than your scales. Unfortunately, it will show you that the fat you wanted to lose has not shifted. Furthermore, whatever level of muscle definition you had – will be replaced by sagging skin.

To top it off, unless you stay on that diet for the rest of your life, you will put the weight back on. What happens then is that your body replennishes the water it had lost. Additionally, it is not good for your health to be on a diet, for a long time, that reduces the water level of your body below what it needs in order to function properly.

You may not like the way in which the body operates in connection with fat, but you need know about it.

How to eat for fat loss? Obviously, one element has to do with what you eat. But it is also important to pay attention to when you eat and how you eat. You will find alot of written material about what you should eat to achieve fat loss. You may find that such eating recommendations constrain you too much. If you find it to be too strict, just use your common sense about your diet. Obviously, it will not help you to lose fat if you eat regularly at McDonalds or if you eat a lot of pizza; nor if you drink a lot of beer. Eat what you already know is good for you and restrict your intake of what you know is not. If you also keep the quantity of food that you eat down, while following a good exercise regimen, you should burn fat. What will then become much more important to you, in terms of losing fat, is when to eat and how to eat. You will find good fat burning diet info in a good fat burning program. These programs also help you to make the change from current eating habits, to those that will maximize fat burning.

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