Cut Calories To Lose Weight

Cut Calories To Lose Weight

There are a few fat loss secrets that you should know, but none of them are more important than the idea that you must cut calories to lose weight. It is suggested that by reducing calories and consuming lots of salads we will lose weight.

The programing of our body is not quite like this. Genetically we are well adapted to storing fat for a future time when food supply might be low. If not enough calories are eaten then our bodies will move into starvation mode, and will try to keep storing the fat it already has.

As you begin to cut calories to lose weight by reducing your food intake, your body will begin to adjust hormone levels which signal it to decrease your metabolism, increase your appetite, and storing that fat.

Studies have shown that a rapid weight loss, or a reduction in calorie intake significantly below what you need decreases leptin production. This hormone will signal to your body that calorie consumption is not adequate. Our bodies are very adaptable and will reduce metabolism, increase the cravings for more food, and store fat, all of which we want to avoid.

The major focus should not be on strict dietary intake to reduce fat. This drives your body into survival mode, the better approach is to instead take a more measured approach. By doing it like this there is a lesser reduction the intake of calories. Over a period of time there will be a deficiency in what is required for maintenance of weight which will lead to the lose of weight.

If you can reduce the number of calories that you are taking in and combine this with a good exercise program of increasing intensity, then you will see results. This avoids your body moving into starvation mode and defeating your goals before you have even begun to achieve them.

To further assist you in losing weight you should never miss meals as a way to cut calories to lose weight. By taking those steps the body tries to look after itself. A better approach is to reduce food consumption at every opportunity, but only a little under what the body requires.

With any luck with the increase in intensity of exercise, it may be possible to eat more and still lose weight.

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